The moderate youth league

The Moderate Youth League is the official youth branch of the Moderate Coalition Party (Swedish: Moderata Samlingspartiet or Moderaterna). With more than 16 000 members we are one of the biggest political youth organisations in Sweden, open to everyone in the ages 12-30. We are members of the Youth of the European People’s Party (YEPP), International Young Democrat Union (IYDU) and Nordic Young Conservative Union (NUU).

Our organisation was founded in 1934 under the name Young Swedes, and has used its current name since 1969. We define our ideology as a synthesis of classical liberal and conservative ideas. The term “moderate” was first popularised in the 19th century to refer to conservatives who adopted liberal economic policies. Our organisation encompasses 25 independently run districts across Sweden. The organisation is led by an executive board, currently chaired by Douglas Thor. We also have a student section, Moderata Studenter (MST), and a section for younger members, Moderat Skolungdom (MSU).

If you have queries regarding our international relations, please contact our International Secretary Carl Gustav Pfeiffer

For other queries, media requests and questions regarding invoices, please contact our Secretary General Johannes Thernström.